1. Does WVIX Use IXP Manager: Yes

2. What locations can I join the IX at.

You may connect to the IX at any one of the following locations

Citynet - 233 Virginia Street, Charleston, WV

SecureNet DC1 - 401D Street, South Charleston, WV

Alpha DC1 - 2020 Union Carbide Drive, South Charleston, WV

3. What is the WVIX ASN: 15183

4. What is your Switch Configuration 

 switchport block unicast
 switchport block multicast
 mtu 9198
 no cdp enable
 storm-control broadcast include multicast
 storm-control broadcast level 1.00
 storm-control action shutdown
 no lldp transmit
 no lldp receive
 spanning-tree portfast edge
 spanning-tree bpdufilter enable
 mac address-table aging-time 14400
5. Do you have a setup guide? 
We recommend reading AMS-IX Config guide. 
6. Do you support BCP214? 
7. What is the monthly cost of connecting to the exchange? 
We charge a nominal port fee that begins at $500.00 for 1 gig ports 
Currently 1 & 10 gig port fees are wavied. 
8. Are you listed on Peeringdb

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